• Critical Parts of Turbines
• Base Frames
• Exhaust Casings
• Turbine Auxiliaries.
• Boiler & Boiler Pressure Parts.
• Pressure Vessels.
• Tanks.
• Piping Spools.

Design Validation using FEA, CFD Analysis.
Design to Manufacturing of critical Turbine Parts and Equipment.
Critical Equipment such as Lube Oil System for 660 – 800 MW Steam Turbines, Flow Guide Rings.

Power plant equipment examples

Boiler tubing & header examples

Lube oil system. 660-800 MW Turbine

• Lube Oil System is a heart of Turbine as is responsible for continuous delivery of lube oil to Journal bearings of Turbine.
• This system is extremely critical as its failure can lead to damage of Journal Bearings of Turbine, leading to an overhaul operation.
• Opti Engg has successfully developed this critical import substitute and is the only supplier in India to do so.

• 5600 LPM Main Pump, Backup, Emergency Pump.
• 3 M Dia, 9 M Long Main Oil Tank.
• 7.5 Tons Piping inside Tank.
• SS & CS Piping with 100% Radiography testing.
• Perpendicularity of Pump Base Plate within 0.5 mm


Skid Mounted system used to recover Vapour at Petrol Filling Stations and covert back to Petrol.

Complete Fabrication, Instrumentation Piping and Cabling.

SS 316 Piping, 100% Radiography.

2 millibar pressure loss allowed in 24 hours from entire system.

FAT – Factory Acceptance Test

For HPCL Refinery.