We design and manufacture a wide range of Solar Mounting Systems to support solar Modules of any type and brand.

✓ Slanting Roof Top
• Cement- Corrugated Roof Sheets
• Trapezoidal Sheet Metal Roof Sheets
• Corrugated Sheet Metal Roof Sheets
✓ Flat Roof Top
• Concrete Roof
• Sandwich Panel Roof
• Elevated Type, Terrace space saving

✓ Ground Top – Fixed Type
• Fixed Foundations &
• Screw Foundations
• Elevated Type, Ground Space Saving.
✓ PEB Solar Roof Sheds
• Open Sided Ware houses
• North Light Green houses

✓ Building Integrated Photo Voltaic
• Roof & Terrace Integrated
• Façade Integrated
✓ Single Axis Tracking & Dual Axis Tracking
✓ Parking Lots


• From Flat to 30’ Slope
• Portrait or Landscape orientation
• Rail Mounted
• Any type of Roof Sheet Profile
• Any Type of Solar Modules

• Cement Roof Sheets are fragile and more so when they age.
• Hence it is not right to design an installation which will put any load on Cement Roof Sheets.
• Existing primary structure beneath may not be strong enough to take heavy loads.
• Hence we designed a light weight yet strong MMS which transfers all loads to purlins below, passing through long life rubber shock absorbers & seals.

✓ 100 mm clear space below modules for ventilation
✓ No load on Cement Sheets all loads transferred to Purlins
✓ Light Weight, High Strength
✓ Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloys, Galvalume and Galv. Steel Parts
✓ Long life Water Sealing
✓ Quick Installation
✓ Supplied as Ready to Install
✓ Design for IS codes for wind loads
✓ Affordable
✓ Designs undergone thorough testing at factory & test labs
✓ 100% Inspection of Parts before dispatch

30+ MW Installation over Poultry Farm in Rural India.